Let’s talk about this super secretive method that many have heard of but few have had experience with: the Mother Slave method. The mother slave method is known by many names including the mother-child method, the fan page method, and the DM method. They are all one and the same. The mother-slave method is without a doubt the best way to grow an Instagram page with super-targeted, highly engaging, and real followers. It is by all means far superior to the giveaway growth method, and you’ll soon find out why.

The Mother-Slave Method Explained

Here is how it works. We start out with wanting to grow an account of ours. We’ll call this the mother account. For instance, let’s say you want to grow your travel blog on Instagram. Its a page all about your travels. You’ve got a couple of hundred posts and a few thousand followers. At the same time, you know of many accounts that are in the same niche as you but that have hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of followers. All you want in this life is to have the followers that your competitors have. I mean, it should be an easy task. These audiences are already following a travel page, which means they are into travel content. You have exactly that. If only there was a way to reach out to all those people and tell them about you!

Enter ‘slave’ accounts. All we need is a couple hundred or thousand accounts on Instagram that we can automate to send out DMs to all the target audiences about you. Let’s imagine for a moment that you had a small army of 1000 IG accounts that you could control with a click. In other words, you can make a command for these 1000 accounts to send out DMs to a list of users, and well, they do it! And these are your slave accounts.

In simpler terms, this method involves sending mass DMs to highly targeted profiles with a simple introductory text. It can be as simple as: ‘Hey! I just came across your profile and see that you follow a bunch of travel pages. I wanted to share with you @motheraccount and think you’d like their content. Cheers!’

And there you go, that’s all there is to the method.

How Do I Make this Setup?

And that is the complicated part. In order to have thousands upon thousands of slave accounts, you’d need a custom bot where you can log in all these accounts and control them. For each account, you’ll need a registered email and phone number. And finally, for each account, you’ll need to a have unique proxy. Unless you’re a code ninja with years of experience playing around with IG API – its best to outsource this work to marketing agencies that have the setup already.

As an example, at Fresh Engagement, we have approximately 1 million accounts that we can use to send out DMs. We can send out up to 10 million DMs a day. As of now, we have grown multiple clients from 0 to 1 million in a matter of months. And that is with highly targeted, engaging, and organic followers, of course. 🙂

The Process of Fan Page Method

Fan Page method is simply another term for the mother-slave method. Instead of naming your accounts as ‘slaves’, you can choose to call them ‘fan’ pages. Wherein, the fan pages are going around and promoting you. Let’s get into the process of how this method works and what all you need.


For starters, you’ll need an account that you can actually grow. In other words, an account that has at least 50-100 posts. A few thousand followers. And a great aesthetic. People would rather follow profiles that have 10k followers than a profile that has 500 followers. People will definitely convert more to a profile that looks aged and has dozens upon dozens of quality posts than follow a profile with just 10 posts. You get the point. Social proof is the key. It is imperative to be sure that your profile has the perfect DP, the perfect bio, an amazing feed, a decent amount of followers – before you begin the mother slave method. If your profile is not up to standard, you’ll end up blowing a lot more on DMs and get a poor conversion. It does no harm to buy 10k fake followers just to add a good amount of social proof. The higher the social proof a profile has, the better the conversion. As an example, a verified profile converts much better than a regular profile. And this is the first step. Prepping your profile.


Finding your targets. By targets, we mean profiles that are of exactly the same niche as yours but have a large audience that is highly engaging. Let’s say you are a travel influencer with a great page. You’re bound to know a bunch of travel pages that have a huge number of followers and have a great engagement rate. It is imperative to find target profiles that have great engagement, lots of comments, and lots of interaction. As that is what you want at the end of the day. Engaging followers! In this step you find out 5-10 profiles that have large audiences (100k to 1m each) in the same niche as you and have a great engagement rate! And these are your targets.


In this step, we formulate a couple of DM text templates. Its a great idea to have 2-3 completely unique text messages. In this way, we can test different messages and see which one provides the best coversion. Continuing from our example from above, lets say you’re a travel influencer and with that in mind, let’s create a few DM text messages

MESSAGE A: Hey! I noticed you follow a lot of travel pages and wanted to share with you my friends profile @motheraccount. Cheers!

MESSAGE B: Hey! You seem to keep up with travel. Checkout this page @motheraccount, I think you’ll love it. Thanks!

And in this step, we have formulate a couple of DM text templates that we can use.


And here comes the tasks that are managed by the agency and their code ninjas. In this step the provider of this service would typically scan all the followers of your target profiles and compile it into a list. Next, this list will be filtered for profiles that do not have a DP or profiles that have not been active in the last 30 days. In doing so – we will have a list of profiles that are active and probably engaging.

As an example, lets say one of your targets is @lostleblanc. The provider will scan all the followers of this profile and remove ones that are inactive in order to have a list of targets that are active and likely to engage.


Let’s quickly go through all the steps thus far. First, we have prepped our own profile (the mother account). We’ve made sure it has a good bio, great aesthetic, and a good deal of followers and posts. Second, we have made a list of target profiles of competitors who are in the same niche that have lots of engaging followers. Third, we have formulate a couple of DM message templates. And finally, we have filtered out all the followers of target profiles to get a list of recently active users.

And well, then comes the final step where we use the army of slave accounts to send out our DM text to hundreds of thousands of target profiles. Given that the messages are reaching people who are already following other accounts in same niche, it is highly probable that they’d love to follow your account provided you have quality content. And, most improtantly, the people who get the DMs will check you out and ONLY follow you if they really want to. In other words, unlike giveaway growth, the people following you here have no incentive to do so. They aren’t in it to ‘win’ some cash prize or an iPhone – they are truly doing it because they love your account and that would inturn translate to a great engagement rate.

Why We Hate Giveaway Growth

Circling from the previous point, the result that you get from giveaway growth is nowhere comparable to mother-slave method. Firstly, in giveaway method, everyone follows you without even checking your profile out. They are only following you to get a chance to win the giveaway. Secondly, the people from giveaway are highly likely to later unfollow you, because, they didn’t care about you or your content to begin with. And this is why, you’d always see a good 30% or more drop rate from giveaway method. Meaning, for every 10k you gain, you’ll bleed out 3k over the few weeks after the giveaway is done. Thirdly, it is highly likely that a large chunk of the followers you get are not even real profiles but an army of bots that are simply trying to win giveaways. It is not uncommon for third-world countries to have teams of individuals whose only job is to win these giveaways. And worst of all, the engagement rate you get out of giveaways is laughable at best. We’ve seen clients who’ve spent $15k on ‘celebrity’ giveaways who get 80k followers overnight. Yet, they lose 20k over the next few weeks. And there is barely an uptick in their engagement rate. For businesses, this method gives you absolutely no ROI.

Drawbacks and Conclusion

It must be pointed out that mother-slave method, while the best way to grow, does come with one small drawback. In an event when you’re sending out millions of DMs to target accounts, it is highly probable that from those millions of users, there maybe a handful who are unhappy to get the DM. And these handful of users may DM you back complaining about it. Its a small price to pay in our opinion as the only other alternative to this is either fake followers or worse, giveaway growth.

For more information on our mother-slave service, please click here.

Until next time!