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What are Partnerships?

Our core business involves working in partnership with marketing agencies. We rarely work directly with clients and most of our resources go towards servicing our agency partners. Our partners are social media companies and professionals who resell our services.

Whether you’re a marketing agency or a design agency. A social media agency or a freelance social media strategist. An SMM retailer, a growth agency, or a digital marketing agency. We work with all types and levels of agencies whose clients can benefit from our services.

As our partner, there is a range of benefits that you can take advantage of. You’ll also get access to resources that help further your business and revenue.

How to Become a Partner

Becoming a partner with Fresh Engagements is simple, however, it’s by invitation only. We reach out to agencies or individuals that have placed multiple orders with us and invite them to become a partner once we’ve developed a working relationship. Upon invitation, you get access to a variety of new features, a range of additional services, and access to beta services.

Being a partner means that you’ll get dedicated full-time support via phone and email. Your requests get priority over our general walk-in clients. You’ll be provided with a variety of resources from our team to help further expand your business and offerings.

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Perks & Benefits

Given the nature of our services, any individual or business that partners with us see exponential growth. Companies and professionals that have existing social media clients can further increase their revenue by reselling our services. Marketing agencies can keep their clients happy and loyal by being able to deliver these unique services that most in the market cannot.

All our partners see a great deal of increase in both their revenue and net profit. We have over 70 partners, some of which have been with us since 2015.

Got questions about partnerships? Feel free to contact us.

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