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TikTok Verification Service

Unable to get that coveted blue badge? We can help!

“These guys helped me with my TikTok branding. Got my desired username and account verification done within a week.”

Samuel Mason

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TikTok Verification Service (Buy TikTok Verified)

Let’s get your TikTok verified!

Guaranteed TikTok Verification Service

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform, and it’s here to stay. If you’re looking to get that coveted blue badge next to your profile name, then you’ve come to the right place. Get your personal and brand profiles verified in no time, with our lightning-fast TikTok verification services!

How it Works

Here is how our TikTok verification service works.



TikTok verification solely depends on whether or not you’re already verified on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.



To begin with, we will prepare a list of all your social media links and details. Next, we prepare and submit an application for verification with our media partner at TikTok.



Within a few days, the TikTok internal team will process your application and verify your TikTok profile! You are guaranteed a verification or a full refund within our service.


All services are 100% guaranteed. You only pay for results.



  • For profiles that are eligible and meet the requirement for verification
  • Must have 10 full feature articles on notable and reliable news sites OR
  • A verified Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter profile
  • Delivery in under 7 business days


Check Eligibility for Free

No credit card required.

PR + TikTok

for Individuals

  • Get guaranteed PR + TikTok verification service for your personal profile
  • 8-10 full feature articles on notable and reliable magazines will be provided
  • 100% money back if TikTok is not verified
  • Delivery in under 30 business days


Check Eligibility for Free

No credit card required.

PR + TikTok

for Brands

  • Get guaranteed PR + TikTok verification service for your brand profile
  • 8-12 full feature articles on notable and reliable magazines will be provided
  • 100% money back if TikTok is not verified
  • Delivery in under 60 business days


Check Eligibility for Free

No credit card required.

Why Us?

100% Risk-Free. We guarantee all our services. You only pay for success and results!

Quick Results. We value your time & work super hard to deliver our services as fast as possible.

Fast Support. We value your business which is why we reply to all emails within 24 hours.

Common Questions

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Do you require login details?

Never. We do not require your login details for any of our services. You simply need to let us know of your article links, your social media links and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are there any risks?

No. Our service works by the legitimate application of claim requests to social media networks. We raise all our requests via professional mediums to respective social networks. This service is 100% risk-free.

How does the payment work?

If you’re an existing partner or agency registered with us, there is no upfront payment required. For new clients, we require a full upfront payment. Our site supports secured payment via VISA and MasterCard. Additionally, we also accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Can I lose the tick?

No. Our service gets your profile verified in a legitimate way. Only profiles that have media coverage can get verified. Therefore, your badge cannot be taken away unless you break the respective social network’s ToS.

What is the minimum follower requirement?

Follower count is never a requirement for verification. Additionally, factors like engagement ratio, fake followers, and the number of posts do not matter either. In short, as long as you have a web presence, that is more than enough.

I got rejected by the app, can I apply with you?

Yes, of course! You can apply with us. Our TikTok verification service is able to bypass the 30-day wait required by the app. Additionally, if you have applied via another agency and been told you’d have to wait 30 days to re-apply, we can bypass that waiting period too.

Is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately, with these services, the final decision rests with the respective social network. In most cases, the requests are approved, but there can be cases wherein a request is denied. Consequently, a full refund is applicable in case a request is denied. For our guaranteed PR + TikTok service, you are guaranteed verification or a full refund if we fail. In other words, if we fail, we won’t even charge you for PR. It would be on us.

What is a reliable and credible press?

Articles on sites that are familiar and famous are generally credible. In addition, if articles appear under Google News that is advantageous. Both local and international news and media sites are acceptable. Articles on sites where anyone can publish or pay-to-publish are not considered reliable.

What if I don't have any PR?

Not to worry at all! We have plenty of clients for whom we built PR from scratch and then got them verified on all platforms. We are the only provider in the world that can provide guaranteed PR + TikTok packages. Under our PR and TikTok verification service – we guarantee you a blue badge or a full refund.

What if I have partial PR?

We have plenty of clients who already have some PR but it’s not enough. In such cases, we can build you the PR you need to be eligible for and guarantee verification for your Facebook account. If you’re looking to buy PR as a-la-carte, be sure to check out our PR service for Influencers.

Do you need a trademark for business profiles?

An online trademark can be a great advantage for the verification of the profile. However, it is not a requirement for our Facebook verification service. In short, as long as your brand has good media coverage on reputable sites, we will be able to help with verification.

What is your refund policy?

A full refund is applicable if we are unable to deliver the service. However, once the service is rendered and the profile is verified, no refunds are applicable.

Let's Get Your TikTok Verified