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Is Instagram Verification Worth the Investment

Is Instagram verification worth the investment and hype? Does it really impact the profile? Does it improve the ROI? Is it really worth it or is it just for vanity?

In today’s blog, we are going to talk all about Instagram verifications and who they can be beneficial for. While there are a handful of people who may get verified naturally on the basis of their PR and just by self-application. The majority have to invest a bit in order to get verified via an agency. And then there are people who have to first invest in building credible PR and then invest with an agency to get verified. Depending on the applicant and the amount of web presence they have, it can cost anywhere from $0 to $15,000 to get verified on Instagram.

Is Instagram Verification Worth the Investment?

Personal vs. Business

Business Profile Verification

The majority of the clients we get at Fresh Engagements are businesses that have decent local and international PR and are unable to get verified on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with self-application. For these businesses, investment in verification is a no-brainer. Most of these companies have large marketing budgets that are used up in billboards, social media ads, Google ads, magazine ads, radio ads, etc. Investing in the verification of their social profiles is an obvious investment to make for these brands. A verified profile makes their image on social media more authoritative, trustable, and notable.

Whether it’s financial institutions or universities or fashion brands – we have verified all types of businesses. And we never had to convince a business of the advantages of being verified. It was obvious to them from the get-go. Businesses spending $100k a month on ads and marketing to build a perfect public image do not hesitate to spend a bit to get verified on social media platforms.

When it comes to keeping up an authoritative image on social media – nothing does it better than having the coveted blue badge. It commands immediate trust from prospective clients. It holds the viewer’s attention towards your posts far longer. And most of all, anytime someone searches for you, they’ll find the real you because of the badge.

Personal Profile Verification

Personal profiles fall into various categories including collectors, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss them all one by one.


These are individuals who invest in verification for the vanity of it. Individuals with high net worth are usually the ones who are geared towards getting that blue badge no matter the cost. In most cases, this is primarily for vanity and just another collectible. However, a lot of the time this also allows personal profiles to stand out from impersonating profiles. From time to time we get HNW individuals who post regularly on Instagram – and before they know it, they find they are being impersonated by others. Profiles start popping up with their photos without credits. In many cases, individuals use luxury posts of HNW individuals and lift them to pose as a luxury entrepreneur to scam people on social media. For such cases, verification plays a great role in separating the real individual from imposters.


These are individuals who are typically looking for an immediate and calculable ROI from their investment in verification. And, without a doubt, these are the individuals who see the quickest return from the investment, provided they are doing well on social media, to begin with. Influencers can charge a significantly higher rate when verified. Additionally, closing brand deals becomes much easier for individuals who are verified. Of course, this only makes sense if you’re already on your A-game on Instagram and looking to take it to a much higher level. But – if you’re banking on first getting verified and then thinking about ROI – then you’re going to find it almost impossible. We have seen a great number of influencers see a great increase in their conversions once they are verified.


And finally, we have entrepreneurs. These are individuals who invest in verification for the sole purpose of improving their chances of networking on social media. These aren’t the ones who are doing it for vanity. Neither are they looking for an immediate ROI. It’s a bit of both of those with a primary focus on being able to network. If you’re a world-class personal trainer or a luxury real-estate broker – then this is for you. Having your socials verified will add a lot of credibility to your profile and will allow you to network on social media. More people will be willing to network with you if you’re verified as it would make you appear more trustable.

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Visibility and Perks

So, does being verified come with any perks? Do I get more visibility? Will my profile grow faster? Will I get access to more features?

Well. Yes. There are a few perks that come with verification. Let’s look at a few of them.

Get More Visibility

Verified profiles always rank higher on the Instagram search engine. If you search for a name that has multiple results, more often than not, it’s the verified one that will come up and show up at the top. And that instantly adds a lot more visibility to a personality/brand. For the right profile, this means more profile visits – more conversions, and more inquiries.

Get Suggested More Often

It’s no secret that Instagram or any other platform for that matter favors verified profiles. And one of the ways they do this is by favoring verified profiles under the ‘suggested profile to follow’ category. It’s a mystery as to how much this actually helps the individual profile. However, it’s definitely a big plus-point if the Instagram algorithm favors you.

Access to Special & Beta Features

Verified profiles on Instagram always get early access to upcoming features on Instagram. Additionally, there are a few cool perks of being verified including being an exception to the 10k rule for swipe-ups. Yes, if you are verified, you do not need 10,000 followers to access the swipe-up feature.


While verification may be an expensive affair – there is no doubt that it does carry a lot of benefits. Whether you’re a business or an entrepreneur – having your profiles verified can definitely add a lot of value to your overall web presence.

Looking to improve your chances to get verified? Check out our full Guide for Instagram Verification and improve your chances!

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Leslie Dwyer

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