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Instagram Verification Service for Musicians

In today’s guide, we will look at Instagram Verification for Musicians and Artists and how we can improve chances for such accounts to get the coveted blue badge. We’ll be talking in-depth about what type of PR works specifically for musicians to get verified on Instagram. We’ll discuss how you can prep your account to give your application a higher chance of success. And, finally, we’ll discuss how we, as an agency, can assist you with verification on Instagram if you’re an artist, musician, and/or singer.

Instagram Verification for Musicians & Artists

First, let’s understand who and what would classify you as a musician for verification purposes. Does having a few songs on Sound Cloud make you a musician? Well, in general, yes. But, for Instagram verification? No.

For you to be classified as a musician and/or artist in the eyes of Instagram, you’d need to, at minimum have to check two boxes. First, you’d need to have a Spotify profile that is verified. And, next, you’d have to have a Google Knowledge Panel. Don’t know what these are? Not to worry! We’ll explain in depth below.

A Verified Spotify Profile

So – the most important requirement for you would be to have a Spotify profile profiled with a photo, cover, and a few songs. And, of course, to have a blue tick mark next to your name.

Luckily, getting verified on Spotify is easier than you think. And if you aren’t already verified, you can check Spotify’s blog on verification for a complete step-by-step guide.

Now, once you have your profile on Spotify claimed, set up, and verified, let’s get to the next step.

A Google Knowledge Panel

The next thing that you’ll need is a google knowledge panel. A knowledge panel is an infobox that appears on Google when you look up a personality. The great news is, it’s effortless to claim and edit a music knowledge panel.

You can find in-depth info about how knowledge panels work and how to edit/claim one on Google’s own guide to knowledge panels.

So, what do you do if you don’t have a knowledge panel? Well, for that, we’d have to go to the next step. But remember, a knowledge panel significantly increases the chances for Instagram verification for musicians. So – its one thing that you should not ignore.

Full Features on Music Magazines

So far, we’ve understood that for us to even classify as a musician/artist, we’d need to be verified on Spotify and have a Google Knowledge Panel. Now, once we are classified as a musician, is that it? Of course, not! Now, we need to fulfill the standard requirements for verification.

If you’ve read our other blogs, you’ll know by now that having full features on notable and reliable news sites and magazines is the key metric to get verified. So, you’ll need to make sure that you have at least 8 or more full features on music niche sites. Don’t have the PR? We can help! Check out our verification with PR plans where we can help you build full PR and then get you verified. If you already have a verified Spotify and Google Knowledge Panel, we can help with PR + IG verification at a discounted price of $8k.

So – you need press! The press has to be on notable and niche-relevant sites. And you’d have to have full features on these, meaning the article must be solely about you and not just a mere mention. If you don’t have this, we can help!

Let’s get back to Google Knowledge Panel. How do you get one if you don’t already have one? It’s simple. If you are verified on Spotify, and you are active on your socials, and you have 8 or more articles talking about you (remember, these have to be full features) then, Google will naturally index and prepare your knowledge panel. If you already see the knowledge panel for your name but don’t own it, you can easily claim it by clicking the ‘claim this panel’ button at the bottom of the infobox.

Unable to get verified via in-app submission? We can help!

Learn More

Preparing the Profile

So – let’s say you already have your Spotify profile verified, you got your knowledge panel, and you have eight or more full features on music niche magazines. Well, now, we need to make sure your profile is ready for submission. For this, you need to make sure of a few things –

  1. Make sure that your Instagram profile has a clear display photo of you and you alone. No logos, no landscapes, no random photos. No. Just a clear, professional photo of you.
  2. Next, write up a short and concise bio. Just 2-3 sentences of what you do. It can be the date of your next EP or a quote that you like.
  3. Finally, add a website link if you have one. If you don’t, add a link to one of your articles and/or your music profiles (Apple, Spotify, or other)

And, now, you’re ready to submit. On to the next step!

In-App Submission

And now we are at the last step. It’s time to make a submission within the Instagram app and hope that it goes through. The in-app submission is straightforward, and you can read Instagram’s own blog on how to apply for verification for details.

In a matter of days, you’ll get the verdict. Either you’d be blessed with a blue tick, or you’d be told that you didn’t make it, and you can try again in another 30 days. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who apply via the app don’t get the tick due to the problem of it being open to the public. With over a billion users on Instagram, where anyone can apply for the tick – you can safely assume Instagram gets 100s of millions of verification applications on a daily basis. It’s impossible for a human to process these applications, and an automated system will most likely process your application. So – chances are, even if you qualify, you won’t get approved due to the sheer volume of the applications they get and the fact that your application didn’t get a human review. But – if you’re a few of those who do get verified, a big congratulation to you!

In an event where you do not see success with verification, we can always help! We can ensure that your application gets a guaranteed human review as we can raise your application with our dedicated account manager at FB. Best part? It only takes 72 hours to reply, and our success rate with musicians is at 99%. For more info, check out our Instagram verification service.


And that’s all Instagram verification for musicians and artists. Got questions? Feel free to write to us, and we’ll reply within 24 hours. We hope you enjoyed our blog and found it useful!

Until next time! Stay safe!

Leslie Dwyer

Leslie is a content researcher and writer at Fresh Engagements. When she's not writing - she enjoys reading books, running and hiking.

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