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Buy Verified Instagram Account

Buying a verified Instagram account, at times, may seem like a far more attractive path than verifying an account by yourself. I mean, come to think of it, for some people, getting verified can be a tedious task. You’d have to build a lot of PR. You’d probably have to verify your Facebook first. And then you finally get that coveted Instagram blue badge. The process can take several weeks, if not months, and can be quite an expensive affair. Why go through all that wait and all the expenses if you could buy a readily-verified Instagram account on the market? Well, please don’t even think of buying a verified Instagram account until you’ve read everything below. We will be covering everything on this topic, including the price point for verified accounts, the associated risks, and the basic do’s and don’ts when buying a verified Instagram account.

Buying Verified Instagram Accounts

So, let’s talk about the basics. In short, as a client, you are looking to buy an Instagram account that is verified. This may be to give you a headstart for your Instagram journey. Or maybe it is just for vanity purposes and to flex on your friends. Or perhaps so that you could easily network for your business on Instagram.

As a client, you are basically looking for a seller who is willing to give up their pre-verified Instagram account for a price. In short, they’d be giving you the Instagram account, the login details, and the email that is attached to the account.

Well, that is not it. And this goes much deeper and gets pretty complicated real fast.

Understanding OG Email

One of the first things you need to understand is that you need the original email attached to the account, for an account to be completely secure. If you are buying an Instagram account, whether it’s just a normal account or a verified account, the first thing you need is the original email account attached to it.

You’d pretty much need to log in to this email account itself and secure it by attaching your phone to it and resetting its password. And then you’d secure the Instagram account.

If in a case, you buy an Instagram account that doesn’t have the OGE (original email) – then there are high chances that the seller will take your money and then later recover the account via the OGE. Remember, unless you have the OGE, your account can be pulled back at any time by whoever has it.

Finding Instagram’s OGE

To find the original email that the Instagram account was created with, simply log in to the app and navigate to Privacy & Security > Access Data > Former Email Addresses. Check out Instagram’s mini-blog on How to Review Your Data for more info.

Here you can find all the emails associated with this account. The last email on the list is the original email that was used to create this account. And this is the email to which you’d need full access to, to fully secure the account.

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Confirming the Legitimacy

When you’re buying a verified account, the chances are, most likely; it is a hacked account. Someone, somewhere, was able to hack this account. And now they are selling it on the market to make a quick buck.

The easiest way to partially confirm this is to see if the account comes with the OGE attached. Not having the OGE would most likely prove that the account is hacked. However, in certain instances, the hacker may have hacked the OGE too, and maybe selling the account with the OGE, even though this may be stolen property.

One of the other things you can do is run a search on the account name on Google. You may try to find out if an FB account may be connected to this Instagram. Perhaps try and reach out to this person and make sure that this isn’t hacked or stolen property.

Ideally, you’d want to deal with the actual owner of the account who is actually themselves selling off the verified account. The worst-case would be dealing with an intermediary or a third party or a hacker. It’s simply not worth the hassle. As long as you’ve done your due diligence and are sure that the account has the OGE and that you are indeed dealing with the actual owner who is looking to get rid of it – then and only then, go further.

Understanding the Limitations

One of the biggest limitations of buying a pre-verified account is that you cannot change this account’s username. I mean, doing so will most likely result in the loss of the badge. While there are ways to legitimately rename a page (we have a service for renaming your verified Instagram page too), these only work for legitimate pages with reasonable requests.

In short, if your page is @AaronDavidMartin and you want it remained to @NorahEvans- then that’s not gonna happen. You can rename it from @AaronDavidMartin to @AaronMartin or something similar. As long as there is some reasonable authenticity to the name change, you can do it, and you can hopefully retain the badge. Also, most suppliers, including us, will do a thorough check and only re-name pages that are under original ownership and not sold on the market. Meaning, if we find out that you want us to rename a page that you have purchased, well, we won’t be able to entertain such a request.

Keep in mind – verified username change request costs $3000 or more. And again, this should be a reasonable request that is similar to the existing username. Just this limitation alone makes purchasing a pre-verified account pretty much useless. I mean, if you can’t even change the username to match your name or brand – then there is no point. You’d be simply living a false identity.

Is it Worth it?

Verified accounts go anywhere from $5k to $10k on the market. On average, a legitimate account with OGE that is not hacked or cracked is sold for $6k to $9k. And that brings us to the question, is it worth it? Add to this the cost of username change, and you’d be spending anywhere from $9k to $12k.

On average, the cost of doing the full PR + FB + IG verification is $15,000. And typically, this takes about 40-60 days. This means you have your own FB page verified. You have your own IG verified. And everything is fully secured and MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s all on your own identity. Additionally, while the PR is done primarily to verify your socials, it is still good and legitimate online PR on notable sites that will always do good for your web presence. For more info on what kind of PR works for verifications, check out our blog for a full guide to Instagram verification.


In our opinion, it’s almost always best to do your own PR and verify your own account. Even if the process is tedious and expensive, in the end, it’s all legitimate and authentic. However, if you still are looking to buy a verified Instagram account, you’d be far better off keeping the above points in mind.

Until next time!

Leslie Dwyer

Leslie is a content researcher and writer at Fresh Engagements. When she's not writing - she enjoys reading books, running and hiking.

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