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PR for Crypto, Blockchain & DeFi Companies

Get your project the audience and traffic it deserves! Build social proof with features on notable news sites.

Get PR for Crypto

“PR in Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur! They did tons of great article placements! Totally recommend this..”

Barbara Brown

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Get PR for Crypto ICO, Blockchain, NFT, MetaVerse

Let’s take your project to the moon!

Press for Cryptocurrency

Got an exciting crypto project that you’d like covered in the news? You’re at the right place! Our PR service for cryptocurrency projects is just what you need! We help crypto companies get full-featured coverage across a variety of well-known publications. Get covered on famous sites including HackerNoon, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and more with our PR service for crypto! Add an ‘as seen on’ on your website, improve your site ranking, and build the social proof your project deserves!

How it Works

Here is how our PR service for crypto works.



You may begin by picking out publications you’re interested in. We’ll need a 200-300 bio from you covering details that you’d like on the article. Additionally, we will require 2-3 high quality wide-angle photos as well.



Next, we will begin by preparing the article drafts for your approval. These articles would be pre-approved by the editors of the publications that you’ve chosen. We will then queue the article for publication.



Within the provided timeline, your article will be published on the selected publication. If the selected publication is Google News approved, your article may appear on the Google News section as well.


All services are 100% guaranteed. You only pay for results.

# Publication URL Price in USD Time to Publish in Days Domain Authority
1 Ritz Herald News 600 7 55
2 Tech Times 900 7 82
3 Crypto News 1.500 7 57
4 Yahoo Finance 1.000 7 90
5 Business Insider 1.200 7 94
6 Benzinga 1.500 7 85
7 Inquirer 2.000 7 89
8 Bitcoinist 2.500 15 82
9 Bloomberg 5.000 7 94
10 Chron 5.000 15 92

Let’s Get Your Crypto Project Seen!

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Why Us?

100% Risk-Free. We guarantee all our services. You only pay for success and results!

Quick Results. We value your time & work super hard to deliver our services as fast as possible.

Fast Support. We value your business which is why we reply to all emails within 24 hours.

Common Questions

Can’t find your answer?
Contact us

Do you do custom plans?

Yes! Our PR service for crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and meta can be fully customizable. To discuss a customized PR plan, please contact us at

How does the payment work?

For existing partners, we do not require an upfront payment. For new clients, we require a full upfront payment. Our site supports secured payment via VISA and MasterCard. Additionally, we also accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Are there any risks?

No. Our service works by pitching stories to journalists at reputable online news sites. The writers, journalists and contributors only publish work that they are comfortable with and make sure everything is done within the guidelines of the respective site.

Do you guarantee placements?

Always! Once we confirm your brand story with editors, we will guarantee a placement. Most importantly, there are no charges if we are unable to deliver the article at the desired outlet.

What is your refund policy?

A full refund is applicable if we are unable to deliver the service. However, once the service is rendered and the article is published, no refunds are applicable.

How do I get started?

Ready to get your brand featured in notable and authoritative sites? Let’s get started! Please fill out all your details on our form for PR service and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Let's Take Your Project to the Moon!