Everything you need to know about Fresh Engagements and our Instagram Engagement Groups!

Fresh Engagements is all about discovering creative ways to get people engaged. Its all about people – interactions and engagements. We are a small team of creatives from various walks of life – who strive to innovate and build robust platforms for people to drive real and human interactions.

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The Roots

A small intro to our beginnings and our hopes for the future!

Where We Are

As of Sept ’18 Fresh Engagements has built over 20 Instagram Engagement Pods hosting over 100,000 amazing Instagrammers. We have everyone from travelers to foodies to fitness fanatics within our pods! Members within our pods have exchanges hundreds of millions of Instagram likes and comments – they’ve formed partnerships – made collaborations and so much more.

While it all started out as a simple idea – to develop a robust platform for Instagrammers to exchange quality engagement – today we are growing fast and making extensive updates to our bots, automations, blog and shop!

Where We Wanna Go

Our primary vision for the year 2018 is to continue to grow our community to 1 million users. We love each and every member within our community and want to arm them with tools that can get them to where they want to be on social media. Additionally, we plan to add various updates to our bots, expand our services within our shop and continue to add value to our blogs.

Fresh FAQs To Get
You Started

Who will like and comment on my posts?

Members within our pods are for the most part – active Instagram influencers and bloggers. Majority of our community is located within US and Canada.

Where can I find the group rules?

Once you are within a group chat – you’ll find a pinned message at the top of the chat which if you tap on, will bring you to a short and sweet message on group rules.

What are these 'requirements' that I keep hearing?

In order to ensure our community is exchanging real engagement we require members to have minimum of 50 posts on their Instagram profile to be able to participate in our groups. Apart from that certain niches like adult, gambling, bitcoin, memes and others are not entertained for obvious reasons.

Can I use multiple accounts?

You can use as many accounts you like within our groups. Just be sure to reciprocate engagement from the account whose links you are dropping, In other words you cannot drop link of account X and catch-up with account Y.

  • The Big Bang Theory

    We are growing at the speed of light and that means a lot keeps changing. So – if you have a question that you cannot seem to find the answer to – shoot us a mail or submit a ticket via our bot on Telegram.

  • Easy Peasy

    For the most part – the groups are easy to use and the rules are pretty easy to find and understand. Just remember to read the pinned message within each group that you’re a part of

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